Philadelphia Eagles: 5 Boom or bust late-round SEC offensive prospects

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The SEC might also provide some late-round talent for the Philadelphia Eagles.

When we mention the SEC, even as Philadelphia Eagles fans, it’s almost as if a bolt of lightning courses through the body. Why? The answer to that one is pretty obvious. When a football fan talks about college football’s Southeastern Conference, they know they’re discussing the premier conference in college football.

Just look at how many prospects they put in the NFL on a yearly basis. That’s a trend that isn’t going to change when we arrive at the 2021 NFL Draft.

Now, here’s why that’s important if you’re a Birds fan. Philly’s fans have been talking about SEC prospects since the offseason started. Just think of Kyle Pitts, DeVonta Smith, Jaylen Waddle, Patrick Surtain, or Ja’Marr Chase if you need any examples.

Philly will have some late-round options as well seeing as how six of their 11 picks come in the final three rounds. Scouting will play a major role in this team’s success once we’re ready for the selection meeting.

Perhaps, this will help. Here are five late-round SEC offensive prospects that we can throw in the boom-or-bust category. If they find the right situation and proper coaching, we could be watching them on Sundays for a while.