Top 5 Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver options after Round 2

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889. . . . Sage Surratt, Wake Forest. 2. player

Sage Surratt is a better Mack Hollins if you’re a Philadephia Eagles fan.

We know. We totally understand. Mack Hollins is one of those names that can mess up a great night or a relatively decent day if you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Hollins had talent though. It just never really materialized. Oh, and then, he figured out that he was just satisfied with playing on special teams.

Hollins was a physical specimen though. He was six-foot-four and he weighed about 221 pounds. He could also run very well. The Philadelphia Eagles just needed Hollins to catch the ball more, something that he just didn’t seem interested in doing.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow yourselves to be introduced to the Mack Hollins upgrade. His name is Sage Surratt. Sage is only an inch shorter than Hollins is as he stands at six-foot-three. He’s only six pounds lighter of frame than Hollins as he tips the scales at 215 pounds. The thing about Sage is he does everything else better than Mack did it.

Surratt is a better runner. He’s got more of a motor. He’s a better catcher of the football, and even though he sat out of the 2020 college football season, no one has forgotten who Sage Surratt is.

In 19 career games, he hauled in 107 passes for 1,582 yards. He also reached the end zone 15 times. Just let that sink in for a second. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we said 19 career games in the ACC with normally little to no help at quarterback.