3 Second-day prospects Philadelphia Eagles should keep an eye on

Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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LB Jamin Davis, Kentucky . . player. 833. . .

Davis is the underrated defender the Philadelphia Eagles could use right away.

Kentucky linebacker Jamin Davis is a lot like Georgia Tech linebacker Quez Jackson. Both are arguably one of the best at their position. Both have gone overlooked to this point.

While Jackson has another season to get the right eyes fixated on him, Davis continues to carry the flag of being underrated. That’s great news for the Philadelphia Eagles. They have a need at the position, and if he is available, he would be an upgrade over everything that they have.

At six-foot-four and 235-pounds, Davis has unique size as well as the playmaking ability to have coaches smiling. Sideline to sideline, the former Wildcat uses his raw speed to run down ball carriers and drop into coverage. He’s a legit headache for opposing offenses. He’s the guy quarterbacks always need to be aware of.

The Eagles added veteran linebacker, Eric Wilson, this week, but they still have a need at the position. Adding a player with Jamin Davis’s skillset could go a long way in fixing a defensive problem, one that has seemingly frustrated fans for years.