Philadelphia Eagles: More details emerge of Doug Pederson’s toxic tenure

Philadelphia Eagles, Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
Philadelphia Eagles, Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports /

In some ways, it seems like water under the bridge. In other ways, it feels like there’s no way news like this can go unreported. Doug Pederson is no longer the Philadelphia Eagles head coach and never will be again. Sure, we should move on, but whenever we hear something about his tenure, our antennas will always tune to the frequency.

As the 2020 NFL season wore on, it became more and more apparent that Chip Kelly, though he screwed up much, was actually right about something.

When Howie Roseman was thrown in the equipment room, there should have been more rules established about how he should conduct himself when he was allowed to leave. No, the Birds wouldn’t have won a Super Bowl had Howie stayed in charge of dumbells and glove overstock, but the 2017-2018 Philadelphia Eagles wouldn’t have hoisted the Vince Lombardi Trophy without Doug Pederson either. Nor would they have made the playoffs in three consecutive seasons.

You have to wonder for Doug did it if you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Come on folks. Let’s be serious. It’s just hard, at this point, to figure out how Doug Pederson led this team to victory over what’s been the greatest dynasty in the history of American sports with what he had to deal with.

Couple that with the fact that Carson Wentz felt as though he had the right to go over and around Doug Pederson every time he felt like it, and you wonder why this guy didn’t snap sooner! Oh well, the truth always comes to the light eventually, and if you’re an Eagles fan, reports like the following give you more reason to distrust Howie Roseman.

On the second Monday of April, Sheil Kapadia, Bo Wulf, and Zach Berman detailed more of the toxic relationship that existed between Doug Pederson, Howie Roseman, and Eagles Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie.

This one comes courtesy of The Athletic, so we won’t give you any quotes as a premium account is needed to access the story, but trust and believe that things were even worse for Doug than we were told Birds fans. Amazingly, the guy has been able to keep a smile on his face all of these years. If you noticed, Jeffrey Lurie didn’t even thank him in that awful season-ending press conference.

The soap opera continues if you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Okay, here’s a serious question. No one else feels like we’ve been wrong for calling Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder the meddling owners for all of these years? Lurie is a problem! you can’t fire him though, can you?

Roseman can be shown the door, however, and with each passing day that he’s still the executive vice president and general manager, one has to wonder how Nick Sirianni will be successful and if this team will ever win again while Howie is here.

He has two major job functions. Oversee the comings and goings on the Eagles roster and manage the salary cap. He’s never done either job well, and no fans, we won’t give him credit for occasionally cleaning up messes that he made.

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The last time we all saw him, he was defending himself and the franchise after questions were asked about just how toxic this organization and its atmosphere have become. He still didn’t appear to believe anything was wrong with what he was doing.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you still feel like Doug Pederson was as bad as some of you say he is, that’s a sad state of affairs. This guy is a much better coach than some of you have given him credit for being.