Philadelphia Eagles have backed themselves into a corner at running back

Miles Sanders (L), Boston Scott (R) Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Miles Sanders (L), Boston Scott (R) Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /
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Adrian Killins Jr. #46, Philadelphia Eagles
Adrian Killins Jr. #46, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

The Philadelphia Eagles are already gridlocked at running back.

The Philadelphia Eagles have gone from a team that moves off of guys one year too early to a squad that keeps guys around for two more years than they need to. Here’s where things really get touchy though.

They have 11 picks in the upcoming draft. They can sign undrafted free agents once the selection meeting is over, but they’ve seemingly already decided who their running backs will be in 2021 when the games begin to count towards the win-loss total.

We’re all in agreement that they’re probably walking into the 2021 regular season with four tailbacks right? Okay, let’s do a quick roll call.

Sanders is making the team. We know that. They signed Adrian Killins to a two-year deal, an undrafted guy with one career rushing attempt for -12 yards on his resume. He seems to have a job. Boston Scott was tendered on March 1st and officially signed on March 27th. Now, they’ve added Jordan Howard.

Correct us if we’re wrong. That looks like four guys. Perhaps that means that Elijah Holyfield and Jason Huntley are the odd men out?

Maybe Philly wants to keep five tailbacks, but here’s what’s truly puzzling. None of these guys is a workhorse, and if we’re being honest, everyone has an eerily similar skill set. This team has its top four guys on the depth chart, and they didn’t even wait until after the draft to make a decision.

Maybe you’re cool with a star, a broken-down veteran, and two undrafted guys, but that isn’t cutting it around here. Maybe you haven’t noticed but we’ve got 17 regular-season games before we start talking about Miles Sanders being in a contract season. May is approaching, and it doesn’t feel like this new regime is any better at roster building than the one this team’s brass just got rid of.

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Oh yeah, we forgot. Howie Roseman is still here, and Jeffrey Lurie can’t be fired. Nevermind. Let’s just act like this entire conversation never happened. Here we are again. There are a lot of bodies, pretty much the same group that this team had last season, and no answers. Sadly Eagles fans, the endgame looks pretty familiar here. Next season, we’ll be talking about how this team needs running backs again.