NFL Draft wiz discusses Philadelphia Eagles top 2 options at 12

DeVonta Smith #6, Jaylen Waddle #17 (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
DeVonta Smith #6, Jaylen Waddle #17 (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

It’s amazing how two statements that are in direct opposition to one another can both be accurate. The 2021 NFL Draft is so close that we can taste it. Then again, it feels like it will never get here. If you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan, you can’t stop talking about what the possibilities are with the 12th-overall selection.

Might the Eagles trade that selection? If so, does it make sense that they trade up? Some say trading down is an option, but no matter how you slice it, there are certain topics and prospects that keep getting stated.

Birds fans are in love with Patrick Surtain II and Jaylen Waddle. Here’s the thing though. History has shown us that the Philadelphia Eagles draft history as it relates to Alabama Crimson Tide prospects is a strange one, but that doesn’t mean the Eagles will ignore two of the best prospects at their respective positions. Perhaps, the better question is how do you choose between the two?

Recently, NFL Network draft wiz Daniel Jeremiah, via Zoom conference call, spoke with several members of the media. He actually touched on this during that conversation, discussing what he thought they might do and what they actually should do.

Here’s some of what he had to say. Credit NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Dave Zangaro for the quote.

"I would take Waddle. He’s too intriguing to me with what he can do, and in a league where you need explosive plays, he gives those to you. He’s going to take a lot of pressure off the quarterback. He’s going to have an influence on the run game, as well. Anything that you might have liked about Jalen Reagor, Jaylen Waddle does all those things infinitely better. To me, at least you put him out there, you hope Reagor continues to grow and now you’ve got a track team with those two guys out there because they can both fly. That would be the way I go."

He continued with his thought, comparing how Waddle ranks to the Heisman Trophy winner, DeVonta Smith.

"Again, I like Devonta Smith. He is ranked right behind him, (they’re) five and six on my list, and Surtain is my top corner. It comes down to guessing what they want to do. I would say if I am guessing what they would do in that situation, I would say it would be hard for them to go (with a) receiver in back-to-back years. I would guess they would go corner, (but) I would take Waddle."

This is quite the pickle if you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Truthfully, the resumes of both translate to mean they could start immediately for Philly at their respective positions. Both could also see immediate success; however, here’s where a team’s preference works its way into the conversation.

On one hand, here’s a factual statement. Elite wide receivers get the ball six or seven times a game, but they can also help by drawing coverages away from some of their teammates and by creating opportunities for other guys in the offense. They can also help by blocking.

Cornerbacks have a unique opportunity to influence every single play in which a defense is on the field. They can affect the timing or cause disruption when the ball is thrown their way. They can also force a quarterback into believing that he doesn’t even want to throw in their direction in the first place, which eliminates one offensive or scoring threat from the field.

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In the case of the Eagles, they need both. If one or the other, Surtain or Waddle, are off of the board, the choice is easy. If they’re both available, what does Philly do then? Do they take Waddle? Do they take Surtain? Truthfully, when it’s all said and done, they can’t go wrong with either option