Philadelphia Eagles draft watch: Taking issues with two recent mocks

DeVonta Smith imagin images photo pool
DeVonta Smith imagin images photo pool /

If you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan, you’re going to love this. Well, that’s not true. You won’t like this at all. At the time of this story being published, the NFL Draft is a week away, and who are we fooling? We’ve analyzed these young men so much that we’ve gotten crosseyed.

Nothing beats a good mock though if you can find one this late in the game, but in looking, you may have discovered something else. Many of these draft pundits are starting to overthink things, and that’s led to some pretty wild scenarios. Take this one by CBS Sports’ Chris Trapasso for instance.

He has Patrick Surtain II and Jaycee Horn both available when the Birds are on the clock at 12, but he has them ignoring both to take Penn State standout Micah Parsons with the 12th-overall selection.

Come again? Say what now?

Clearly, someone isn’t paying attention to Philadelphia Eagles football.

Perhaps Trapasso is unaware of how things work around these parts (the Eagles are seemingly allergic to taking linebackers in Round 1. They haven’t done so in almost 42 years, but with two of the best cover guys on the board, if that’s how things were to play out, the theory that Philly would eschew both to take an off-linebacker in the top 15 after executing deals with both Alex Singleton and Eric Wilson seems unrealistic.

Also, no disrespect is intended to Parsons. He feels like a reach at 12. He’s someone you can trade back and still wind up with right? Or, would that be inaccurate?

Oh, and did you see this if you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan

While this is one man’s guess, we all have to be honest. Seeing the draft play out like this would make some Eagles fans pull their televisions from the wall and throw them, but at least he hasn’t stated what was said on NFL Network’s NFL Mock Draft Live on April 20th.

In their scenario, with DeVonta Smith available at 12, Philly trades the selection to the New England Patriots. The Pats, in turn, use that selection, and they land the Heisman Trophy winner.

Birds fans might not ever recover from that one. Longtime NFL Network analyst and lifelong Birds fan Colleen Wolfe tried to argue with them some, but as the host and the person who wasn’t responsible for the pick, she lost out. We can instead blame Peter Schrager for this idea.

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Where did this idea of the Philadelphia Eagles giving up on 2021 as a lost cause to simply gear up for next year’s draft come from anyway? This theory that Philly is looking to sacrifice this season to load up on draft picks in 2022 needs to go away. Have you seen the 2022 class? Maybe a lot of those guys will improve. Maybe the analysis of so many is wrong, but as of right now, it doesn’t look like that class will be better than this one. It’s the NFL. You should always be in win-now mode.