One more Philadelphia Eagles seven-round NFL mock draft

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Philadelphia Eagles fans see a draft-day trade after all.

We’ve been debating about whether or not the Eagles would trade up in the first round from the 12th-overall selection. We haven’t talked as much about the possibility of them dealing the 37th-overall selection, one that’s so close to the top of the second round that it allows them to get back into the draft’s first night to make one final selection.

How about we start that discussion here? Ladies and gentlemen, the Birds are striking a deal with the champs.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, perhaps the league’s most loaded team, a squad that believes it can trade out of the first round and still get someone they want while paying them like a second-rounder has no issue with trading from the 32nd spot to the 37th. This draft, for them, seems to be more about adding depth than filling holes anyway.

If you haven’t noticed, they don’t have very many holes to speak of.

With this being the first night’s final selection, one that’s so close to the second round anyway, Philly only needs to give the Bucs a second-rounder in 2022 instead of a first. The Birds get to hold on to those first-round picks next year, but they lose that fifth-rounder in the current selection meeting.

It may not seem like much, but the 32nd selection is right where we may begin to see a transition from the draft’s top-tier to the second. The Eagles’ aggressiveness to add one more marquis player pays off as they nab Terrace Marshall out of LSU.

A run on wide receivers and Marshall’s silent but very real buzz catapult him into the first round. Philly having missed out on Ja’Marr Chase, DeVonta Smith, Jaylen Waddle, and Kadarius Toney decide that they don’t want to miss out on Marshall too who probably won’t be available at 37. He joins the Birds as the final highlight of Round 1 and gives Philadelphia their number-one option or ‘X’ receiver.