Philadelphia Eagles fans shouldn’t worry after seeing Ezekiel Elliott clip

Josh Sweat (94), Alex Singleton (49), Philadelphia Eagles Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
Josh Sweat (94), Alex Singleton (49), Philadelphia Eagles Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports /

So what? The guy’s running drills with no pads and, of course, there’s no need for him to have to worry about any contact. Philadelphia Eagles fans, you shouldn’t be worried at all about this one.

What’s that? Oh, you haven’t heard! Well, how about this for a few laughs and giggles? Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott popped up on a few Twitter feeds one day after Cinco De Mayo and caused quite a stir.

Monday Morning Quarterback caught a glimpse of J Hicks the football guru’s tweet featuring Zeke running a few non-contact drills versus inanimate objects with the caption “@EzekielElliott
wants that rushing title back”, retweeted it, and as you might imagine, some of the football world went bananas.

We’re talking about Dallas Cowboys fans if you haven’t figured that one out. Take a look for yourselves.

Here’s another from the football guru’s account. Throwing the ball at him was pretty cool actually.

Here’s why Philadelphia Eagles fans shouldn’t be worried.

Now, naturally, we’re teasing somewhat. J Hicks does a phenomenal job with, and his work is exceptional, but the eyeball test tells anyone who’s paying attention that Zeke’s been going in the wrong direction as of late.

No Philadelphia Eagles fan has to be reminded of the natural gifts that Ezekiel Elliott possessed when he entered the NFL. It also has to be mentioned that the  Birds are 2-6 whenever Zeke has been in the lineup for a Cowboys versus Eagles game.

During that time, he’s carried the ball 169 times for 789 yards and he’s reached the end zone twice. He’s also contributed to the Cowboys cause with 43 receptions for 322 yards, and he’s added another reception as a receiver.

Playing the running back position is tough, especially in the National Football League, and Zeke’s career has been evidence of that. Like Todd Gurley, he was a throwback to some of the downhill runners of old, but those guys ran over a lot of guys and took a ton of shots.

During his first NFL season, Elliott boasted a yards-per-carry average of 5.1. That dipped to 4.1 in year two before he climbed to 4.7 yards per rush in 2018. Since then, he’s been on a decline (4.5 in 2019 and 4.0 in 2020).

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Based on his deterioration, one that came more rapidly than many of us expected, he’s probably not going to channel his inner-Eddie George in 2021. Philly has had their issues with Dallas, but recently, those issues have been less and less about what Zeke is on the field doing.

It’s a nice clip. Again, J Hicks does an excellent job with everyone that comes through his door, but this probably won’t have any bearing on anything or the rushing title when the pads are thrown back on in September.