Reimagining Philadelphia Eagles last 5 drafts without Carson Wentz

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Carson Wentz (USA TODAY Sports image pool) /
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Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles
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Would the Eagles be in a better situation if they never drafted Wentz?

Okay, okay. Fans could do these what if’s forever, but here we are, a few months removed from trading who was thought to be the Eagles’ quarterback for the next decade. One hypothetical scenario keeps crossing many people’s minds. What if the Philadelphia Eagles never drafted Carson Wentz? How much different would the Birds look today if they hadn’t?

Let’s begin with the 2016 draft and what might have been another option in an alternate reality. Rather than trading up not once, but twice, to draft the NDSU prospect, here’s an idea.

What if the Eagles decided to take a chance on an offensive tackle who had fallen into their laps due to an off-the-field controversy? With the 13th pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Eagles select offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil out of Ole Miss. Wentz, in this scenario, would go to Cleveland with the second overall selection as no other team decides to give what Cleveland they are asking.

Staying put also means the Eagles would have still had both the 77th and 79th overall selections in the third round. With those picks, they take QB Jacoby Brissett out of North Carolina State and cornerback Kendall Fuller out of Virginia Tech.

Brissett obviously has a lot to prove in this league, but the selection of Fuller more than makes up for the untapped potential in Brissett. Bradford still gets traded to the Vikings, but now the Eagles have two first-round picks in 2017.