Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts tops Carson Wentz in recent QB ranking

Carson Wentz #11 and Jalen Hurts #2, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Carson Wentz #11 and Jalen Hurts #2, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a Philadelphia Eagles fan. If that’s the case, you’ve probably learned, throughout your years of cheering for this team that this is a fan base that loves a good debate (or an opportunity to argue with one another, whichever comes first).

Just look around social media. This is a fan base that’s still split on everything from Nick Sirianni to Jalen Hurts to whether or not Carson Wentz‘s rapid deterioration was a sign of a toxic situation or personality and mechanical flaws that should be laid totally at his doorstep.

Here’s where two of those roads intersect. Just when you thought you were safe from stories that tied the names Wentz and Hurts together for a while, recently, one of Philly sports’ most trusted voices dropped a quarterback ranking.

Here’s what some of you might find interesting. It didn’t stack up as you might have expected. Are you interested yet? Yep, that’s the same way that 94 WIP-FM’s Joe Giglio hooked us.

Is the new Philadelphia Eagles quarterback truly better than the last one?

As sports fans, especially fans that follow the NFL, we all love rankings. We just can’t get enough of them, but they’re often harder to digest when we know the writer’s theory behind them.

Giglio does a great job of defining how he laid his out.

"This isn’t a historical ranking. It’s not based on the next five years (so age doesn’t matter that much). It’s just based on who I believe are the top NFL quarterbacks heading into the coming season based on recent track record, supporting cast, and where each player is on his career trajectory."

With that being said, Giglio has Hurts ranked higher than Wentz

"I’m a Hurts guy, and think he’ll prove his doubters wrong in a huge way. Pointing to a low completion percentage in limited action (behind a porous offensive line and with throwaways part of trying to keep his team on schedule) is akin to making sweeping generalizations about a hitter in baseball with about 100 at-bats. The eye test showed Hurts throw with touch and timing, with the caveat that he has to work on his accuracy. I’ll bet on Hurts to improve…"

Here’s some of what was said about Carson Wentz. He lands on the list four spots behind Philly’s new signal-caller at number 24.

"From an MVP candidate in 2017 to one of the worst quarterbacks in the sport last year. Wentz (and his adoring fans) hope Frank Reich and Indianapolis is the cure to what ailed him in recent years, but inaccuracy, poor footwork, ugly pocket awareness, and diminishing athleticism follow quarterbacks. (He) should be more competent with a loaded team, but that’s not saying much. Wentz’s trajectory says he won’t be a starting quarterback in the NFL within two years. All eyes will be on the Cols to see if he can change that."

Here’s what all of that means if you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Let’s make long stories short. Though seething and very blunt, that’s an accurate take on both guys. Now, here’s the thing. Carson Wentz could actually see some success in Indy early. Guys in new spots seem to catch opposing teams off guard for a little while. Then, those opposing teams get game film, study that film, and adjustments are made. That will be when the Wentz Wagon breaks down in Indianapolis and does so for good.

Then Carson Wentz will roll into another city. He’ll be decent for a while, but he’s never going to equal what we saw in 2017 after next season. These aren’t the thoughts of every member of the Inside The Iggles staff, but it’s believed by enough of them that it’s worth mentioning.

Still, the long and the short of everything is this. Carson Wentz had and still has some ability, but the same can be said about Kirk Cousins. Wentz is super-sensitive and, at times, difficult to coach. When he lost his starting gig in Philadelphia, the worst part about it was the way he shut down and refused to fight to get that job back.

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If that’s the type of competitive fire the Colts are looking for then so be it, but when the dust clears and the smoke settles, taking Hurts could still prove to be one of the better moves that Howie Roseman ever made. Who would have thunk that he’d be right and the rest of the Philadelphia Eagles fans that doubted him would have been wrong?