Philadelphia Eagles throwback named as NFL’s worst jersey ever

Darren Howard #90, Quintin Mikell #27, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)
Darren Howard #90, Quintin Mikell #27, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images) /

The color of a player’s jersey or the number that he’s wearing has never played any factor in how well he’ll play or if his performance will have a bearing on any game’s outcome, but come on. Let’s be honest. Sports fans, Philadelphia Eagles included, and the players they cheer for are a tad superstitious.

The same can be said about the players and fans of every other team. You’ve heard the fodder surrounding the Dallas Cowboys and their blue jerseys (and why they hate wearing them). The argument can also be made that the Oregon Ducks built some of their recruiting momenta off of the strength of all of those cool facilities and those 100 or so jersey combinations.

Unfortunately, there are also teams at the professional and collegiate levels whose ensembles don’t get the love they think they deserve. Has anyone else noticed those Iowa State Cyclones football jerseys look like USC’s?

Thankfully, for the most part, the biggest issue in the City of Brotherly Love has been trying to determine if Philly should hang on to the midnight green look or go back to the kelly green. No, wait. That isn’t true. Wait until you get a load of this one.

Philadelphia Eagles throwback jerseys are listed as the worst ever.

Let’s have some fun. Recently, USA TODAY ranked the worst jersey snafus in NFL history. The Philadelphia Eagles’ 1934 ensembles that they dusted off and threw on their bodies for a Week 3 tilt versus the Detroit Lions found their way to the top of the list.

Here’s what Jim Reineking. the writer of this one, had to say.

"In 2007, to commemorate the team’s 75th anniversary season, the Eagles wore uniforms from their 1934 season. The uniforms were historically ugly, the Eagles’ on-field performance while wearing them wasn’t. Philadelphia dump trucked the Detroit Lions, 56-21, while sporting the throwbacks."

If you didn’t see them for yourselves, take our word for it. Reineking is right. Gosh, those things were ugly!

Superstition was mentioned earlier. Heck, to be honest, if that blue and yellow combination wasn’t so ugly, we all could probably talk ourselves into asking Philly to pull them out again. Didn’t Donovan McNabb throw almost 400 yards and four touchdowns in those things? Oh well, for now, we’ll fight the urge.

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You have to love the era we live in and the technological advancements that have been made, but at the same time, we should all feel fortunate that there were no high-definition televisions and 4K programming in 1934. Those monstrosities were indeed hideous.