Philadelphia Eagles rumors: Are internal issues brewing with Fletcher Cox?

Fletcher Cox #91, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Fletcher Cox #91, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Oh no! Not this again. It’s hard to remember when most of us began noticing this, but it’s almost as if we went to sleep one night, woke up, and the Philadelphia Eagles had started doing everything that we used to pick on the Dallas Cowboys for being guilty of.

It’s like both franchises had adopted each other’s identity. Now, Philly seemingly has the meddlesome owner, the locker room leaks, and, dare we say all of the drama?

Alshon Jeffery and Nelson Agholor weren’t happy. We ignored it. They were called traitors and snitches. Then, Doug Pederson got burned out just three years after winning the team’s only Super Bowl. Duce Staley said Carson Wentz was ‘coddled’. Then, QB1 got tired of the ‘new norm’ (one we weren’t expecting) and drove the Wentz Wagon out of town to reunite with Philly’s former offensive coordinator in Indianapolis.

Oh, and before that, Zach Ertz and Howie Roseman got into a shouting match at a team practice. Remember that?

Now, it looks like there may be an issue with Fletcher Cox. Let’s hope that it isn’t serious.

Let’s hope Fletcher Cox hasn’t joined a list of disgruntled Philadelphia Eagles.

As another week in June began, much of the world was talking about, the NBA Playoffs, Julio Jones trading an Atlanta Falcons jersey for a Tennessee Titans ensemble, and whether or not Aaron Rodgers was going to mandatory minicamp. The Philadelphia Inquirer‘s Jeff McLane was busy penning a nice read on Fetcher Cox.

Now, while the contents and quite can’t be dropped here as you need a subscription to read that one, here are a couple of the highlights. Fletcher Cox is 30 years old. This is an important year, one of transition, and the brass may have expressed “internal concern” over whether or not Cox wants to be in Philly for the duration of what remains in a Hall of Fame career.

McLane states that there may be members of the coaching staff that don’t feel like Cox cares for his body or health properly, and while the point can be made that 91 has only missed three games over the past four seasons and four games total in nine, the implication was enough to get a rise out of a team captain and someone that’s earned six consecutive Pro Bowl nods since 2015.

It’s hard to determine if that statement is directed at the organization or McLane (or either of them), but here’s the bigger issue. The Philadelphia Eagles have a new coaching staff. Why are ‘internal issues’ still finding their way to the press?

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Gosh man, That isn’t good. Let’s all hope that this one of those situations where there isn’t any real fire, even if we are seeing a little smoke. Still, we’re talking about one of the premier defensive tackles in the game today, someone that will play a huge role in this team’s success in 2021. Philly’s failed in so many of its other relationships. Let’s hope that this is something that can get worked out fairly quickly.