10 CBs Philadelphia Eagles need to consider ahead of 2021’s season

Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: David Berding-USA TODAY Sports)
Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: David Berding-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Philadelphia Eagles
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The Philadelphia Eagles have options if they want inexpensive cornerback help.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone in what you’re thinking and get this. Because you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan, there are others than can tell you what that is without you having to say a word.

You’re upset because this team needs help at cornerback every season, aren’t you? You don’t feel like they did enough to satisfy that need this offseason, do you? You’re wondering what they’re going to do when they take the field versus teams like the Dallas Cowboys where they have three good wideouts, aren’t you?

See? You’re not alone. So many of us get your frustration. Darius Slay is good, but he isn’t without flaws. Avonte Maddox is too small. Most of the other guys are unproven, and we don’t even know if the rookie, Zech McPhearson, can play or not.

You are absolutely correct. It wouldn’t hurt if this team did some research and found out if there were some guys that can help. They wouldn’t have to do much more than cast their line at some pretty big fish who are swimming in the free-agency pool. Let’s all see if we can help. Here’s a ranking of the best guys who are still available, beginning with the best of the bunch, along with a few quick thoughts about each one.