10 CBs Philadelphia Eagles need to consider ahead of 2021’s season

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Philadelphia Eagles may not like these next three, but they’re worth a mention.

8. Dre Kirkpatrick

It’s starting to feel like this has been said too many times during the course of this story, but hey, what do you do right? Dre Kirkpatrick is a much better player than a lot of the guys the Philadelphia Eagles already employ.

That’s sad because they’re on a roster and Kirkpatrick isn’t at the moment. Still, even with that being said, this is further evidence that there are several guys on this list that make tons of sense if Philly is willing to give them a chance.

9. Josh Norman

How can this be put nicely? Okay, it can’t, so let’s just go for it here. People have been trying to place Josh Norman in the category of the elite corners for a while. He is not one of the game’s elite corners. He had a nice stretch for a little while.

He was average when he entered the league. He’s regressed as he’s gotten older, and somewhere in there, right around the 2015 season, he was really good. Looking back, that was the exception and not the rule.

Josh Norman was a great talker and occasionally made great plays, but he was so intent on telling you how great he was that we believed him, even though, more often than not, the eyeball test proved he wasn’t as good as he kept saying. Everyone’s figured that out, and that’s two teams have given up on him since 2019 and why he remains unsigned at the moment.

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10. De’Vante Bausby

Take everything that was said earlier about the Eagles and guys they already know, cross off Daryl Worley’s name, and add De’Vante Bausby’s. Yep! That’s more like it.

Unlike Worley, Bausby actually suited up for an Eagles game, six of them actually with one start. He’s actually fairly talented. he should be on someone’s roster already, and that’s why he occupies the tenth spot on our list of ten players.