New Philadelphia Eagles QB Mullens ranks second to Mahomes

Nick Mullens #4 (Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images)
Nick Mullens #4 (Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images) /

By a show of hands, how many of you are absolutely sick of social media (or feel like you’re close to it)? Sure, there are some advantages to it. You can reconnect with old friends and keep up with family members, but then you have the trolls. If you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan, you’ve, no doubt, run into a few. They can make for a toxic environment, and that can make social media unenjoyable.

One of the other things that we all love about social media is this. When there isn’t much going on, you come across some pretty cool stuff, and that’s definitely a need of most Birds fans, seeing as how they won’t get a public look at their favorite team until August 8th (and the 22nd) when Philly hosts two public practices at Lincoln Financial Field.

The new Philadelphia Eagles QB is second to only Mahomes in one category.

These days, Philadelphia Eagles fans and the fans of every other NFL team are always looking for something to appease their unquenchable thirst for Birds content. We comb social media looking for the post, Instagram meme, or tweet. There are times when we don’t come up with much. There are times when we find a jewel. Here’s something that definitely falls into the category of the latter.

Here’s something you probably haven’t thought about since the Philadelphia Eagles announced that they were bringing a new QB prospect, one Nick Mullens, into the nest. That you probably knew. Here’s something that may have slipped past you. What if we told you that you could use Mullens and Patrick Mahomes’ names in conjunction with one another without fear of backlash? It’s true! You most certainly can!

We live in a world where the scorer gets more burn than the person that logged the assist unless we’re discussing alley-oop plays, but we have to give CBS Sports’ Jeff Kerr the nod for this. When we’re talking about quarterbacks with the most career passing yards in their first 16 starts, the list consists of some nice names.

As you might imagine, Patrick Mahomes sits on the throne, but guess who came in second? Yep, it’s Philly’s third-string quarterback, Nick Mullens. Go look it up. We trust Jeff Kerr at Inside the Iggles, but we sure as heck did!

Regardless of what else he accomplishes in life or how things work out, Mullens will be able to talk with his grandchildren one day about how he was once in the NFL history books and the only person keeping him off of the list’s top spot was the Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Patrick Mahomes. Do you think they’d believe him?

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In his first 16 starts as a professional, Mullens logged 4,405 passing yards, which, again, only trails Mahomes (5,100). It places him ahead of some very recognizable names including a Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, Kurt Warner. He cracks the list at number four with 4,353 passing yards. Rounding out the top five are Andrew Luck at number three (4,374) and Tony Romo at number five (4,348).

Sure that won’t help Mullens into the starting lineup or help him win any games or anything. It won’t even earn him a roster spot, but you have to admit that it’s pretty doggone interesting. Any time you can connect the names Nick Mullens and Patrick Mahomes, you have to take advantage of the opportunity. We’ll have to wait and see how he progresses in camp.