3 Philadelphia Eagles GM Howie Roseman can shop not including Zach Ertz

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Philadelphia Eagles

Howie Roseman, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Might the Philadelphia Eagles get creative with some trade packages?

We’ve now officially passed June’s midpoint, and it’s mucho silent. Those rumors involving the Philadelphia Eagles trading Zach Ertz haven’t evaporated, but at the time of this story being written and published, there’s been no real traction in terms of something actually happening.

It still feels strange that we’re here, but that’s the business of the NFL, and the Birds, a team that hasn’t mailed the 2021 season in, even though their name keeps getting attached to the phrase ‘rebuilding year’, doesn’t seem like where Ertz wants to play ball in 2021.

So, here we are, thinking of the possibility of Ertz playing professional football in another jersey for the first time in his career and tossing around other Birds that could be moved to help make this team better if the general manager/executive vice president Howie Roseman really wanted to get creative.

The Birds have some bargaining tools. The question is this. Will they cash them in and use them? Here are three Philadelphia Eagles other than Zach Ertz that could be a part of some very attractive trade packages if the Birds ever decided to explore the idea.

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