Philadelphia Eagles offseason moves that haven’t been discussed enough

Jhamon Ausbon (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)
Jhamon Ausbon (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images) /

The more you look at the Philadelphia Eagles offseason, the better it looks. Sure, there were tons of narratives stating that this season was a throwaway, that this was a year in which Philly would tread water before eventually cashing in on three first-round draft picks in 2022 and shaping this roster into one that will compete for years to come.

Call it a hunch, an educated guess, or an insane theory, but don’t be surprised if this Philadelphia Eagles team is a lot more competitive than people are expecting. The NFC East isn’t exactly loaded with championship contenders. Philly’s got a game versus the lowly New York Jets on the schedule. This team also has a nice mix of young coaches at key positions that, in all honesty, know a lot more about what they’re doing than some of us originally thought they did.

They’ve also had one heck of an offseason from a talent standpoint.

Here are five Philadelphia Eagles offseason stories that haven’t gotten enough burn.

1. Philadelphia upgrades with two former Vikings.

If you haven’t taken the time to do some research on former Minnesota Vikings Anthony Harris and Erc Wilson you should. Both signed one-year deals with the Birds this offseason.

The former was the NFL interceptions co-leader in 2019. The latter will help stabilize a linebacker unit that will be a huge asset to this defense in 2021, especially now that Philadelphia has a defensive coordinator that values the unit.

2. Yes, Ryan Kerrigan’s signing makes the list.

Though it seems weird to call the acquisition of Ryan Kerrigan a move that hasn’t garnered enough attention, it was a move that got some burn for a few days and then fell by the wayside. Here’s what you need to know about the addition.

With Kerrigan benefitting from being a part of a nice defensive end rotation, he’ll be fresh at the end of games and fresh all season. Look for the veteran to make a ton of noise for this defense. It’s okay to expect Michael Bennett and Chris Long levels of production.

3. The Birds land Gainwell in Round 5 and Jackson in Round 6.

Philly adding Kenneth Gainwell as late as Round 5 and Tarron Jackson in Round 6 means one thing. There were quite a few scouts that were looking at programs and helmets rather than scouting players.

No one should care that one came from Memphis and the other came from Coastal Carolina. Both of these rookies are going to contribute in a mighty way and do so immediately.

4. Philly adds Joe Flacco to the QB room.

Joe Flacco may never be the quarterback he was during the Baltimore Ravens’ last Super Bowl run again, but two young Eagles signal-callers (Jalen Hurts and Nick Mullens) will benefit tremendously from having a former Super Bowl MVP who learned from Jim Caldwell, a former NFL head coach that is also one of the better offensive minds the NFL has seen.

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5. The Birds add Jhamon Ausbon post-draft.

We, as fans and members of the media, have spent so much time talking about how excited we were about Trevon Grimes being added to the roster as an undrafted free agent (and for good reason) that we ignored the fact that the Philadelphia Eagles also added Jhamon Ausbon as an undrafted free agent.

If you don’t know who he is, you may want to do your research. He’s been forgotten about because he sat the 2020 season out due to COVID-19 concerns, but folks, this young man has the potential to be what we were told JJ Arcega-Whiteside already was.