Philadelphia Eagles are making mistake by not contacting Steven Nelson

Steven Nelson #22, Pittsburgh Steelers (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Steven Nelson #22, Pittsburgh Steelers (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

There are two sides to every story. Here’s one side of this one. The top guy on the Philadelphia Eagles depth chart at the cornerback position is Darius Slay. Once you get past him, however, you can ask about ten concerning questions about everyone else, and no one has a definite answer on any of them.

Avonte Maddox is talented but too short to play on the outside right? Craig James isn’t really a starting NFL cornerback, is he? No one wants to see Michael Jacquet back on the field after what we all saw in Arlington a year ago, do we?

The other side of this story looks like this. At the time of this story being written and published, the best remaining cornerback available in the free agency pool is Steven Nelson. He remains unsigned, but is, without question, better than every cover guy on Philly’s roster not named Darius Slay. What gives then? How come we never connect one side to the other.

The Philadelphia Eagles are making a mistake by not signing Steven Nelson.

Since entering the league in 2015, Steven Nelson has added 310 tackles, seven interceptions, and 56 pass breakups to his professional resume if you include what he’s done in the postseason. That’s far and above what you’ll find on Philly’s roster.

The Birds, needing cornerback help desperately, let three rounds of the most recent NFL Draft pass before addressing a position that may have been their biggest need after the wide receiver position in Round 4. Zach McPhearson was the selection, but he isn’t Nelson. Neither are Josiah Scott, Shakial Taylor, Nate Meadors, or Lavert Hill.

No disrespect is intended. Those are the facts though. They just aren’t.

If the Philadelphia Eagles can, in any way, make the financial aspect of this work, they have to, at minimum, get Nelson in for a workout and physical. Maybe he’s injured, though none of us have heard that. Maybe something else is at play, but if none of that is the case, if the goal in the City of Brotherly Love is to field the best team possible, it’s hard to say Philly’s covered all the bases if they continue to ignore the guy.

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They could learn that he has nothing left. They can find out that he’s even better than we thought, but they can’t figure that out if they don’t, at least, make the call. Do the right thing Philly! Get this guy to the NovaCare Complex. We could be looking at an immediate upgrade at a troubled position if the franchise does so.