Philadelphia Eagles should have elite DE depth with Tarron Jackson

Tarron Jackson Imagin Images photo pool
Tarron Jackson Imagin Images photo pool /

If you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan, especially one who resides in the Delaware Valley, you’ve probably missed a ton of Coastal Carolina games. That would mean most of what you know about Tarron Jackson began making its way into your conscious or subconscious (whichever comes first) when the Birds made him the 191st-overall selection during Round 6 of the most recent NFL Draft.

If you like your defensive ends to have some size, Jackson has that. He’s six-foot-two and tips the scales at 260 pounds. If you like to see a motor in your pass rushers, Jackson has that as well. 41 games at the collegiate level produced 188 total tackles including 42 that resulted in a loss of yardage, six forced fumbles, and 24.5 sacks. Those types of stat lines aren’t produced by guys that take plays off.

Jackson, in 2021, gets something that last year’s crop of Eagles rookies didn’t, an opportunity to learn and grow during a full offseason and training camp. By doing so, he’ll benefit from comradery and competition, and that’s one of about three reasons that Birds fans should be excited about this team’s pass rush in 2021.

Tarron Jackson adds to what should be an elite Philadelphia Eagles pass rush.

Tracy Rocker, the Eagles’ new defensive line coach is the man tasked with taking Philadelphia’s pass rush from what we all saw last season (they averaged 3.1 sacks per contest, good for third in the NFL) to elite status in 2021.

He has the tools to make it happen. Though he should have been voted to at least one or two more, Brandon Graham is coming off of a Pro Bowl season, his first, and he has shown no signs of an impending decline. He’s truly gotten better with age.

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While Derek Barnett still has yet to demonstrate why he was a first-round selection, we all know he’s capable and talented. Josh Sweat is a monster. Ryan Kerrigan, a legend, joins what was already a formidable rotation in 2020. Tarron Jackson will add to that. He doesn’t need to be the position’s savior or Graham or Kerrigan. He need only be Tarron Jackson. Everything else will fall into place.

This can be said with confidence. Philadelphia Eagles fans are going to see fireworks from their defensive end rotation during the 2021-2022 regular season, and hopefully, during an unexpected run in the postseason.