Ranking every Philadelphia Eagles cornerback ahead of training camp

Avonte Maddox #29, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)
Avonte Maddox #29, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images) /
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Avonte Maddox, Philadelphia Eagles
Avonte Maddox, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports) /

Here are several Philadelphia Eagles that are expected to make the roster.

1. Darius Slay

Well, this one has to be obvious for most of you. Darius Slay isn’t just the best cornerback on the Philadelphia Eagles roster. He’s one of the best at his position in all of the NFL. He just needs someone solid on the opposite side of the formation.

2. Avonte Maddox

Say what you want about Avonte Maddox. He wouldn’t be half as bad if he was a little bigger and a slightly better tackler. He’s still shown enough to demonstrate that he can play in this league though. He’s made some plays during his time and Philly and can still get better with coaching.

3. Kevon Seymour

If the season were to start right now, Kevon Seymour would be the likeliest option to start on the opposite side of Darius Slay. That would put Maddox in the slot.

He has yet to record his first NFL interception, and that’s typically where criticism or too much praise is heaped on someone. There are times when an interception distracts some fans from seeing everything else that players are doing wrong. Still, a quick glance at the roster should tell everyone that Seymour is one of the more experienced and better players on this roster.

4. Zech McPhearson

Though he’s never played a game in the NFL, rookie Zech McPhearson cracks the top five on this list. Why? The answer is a simple one. He’s got upside and, unless the bottom falls out for him completely, he almost assured of a roster spot.

5. Craig James

Though he isn’t as experienced as Kevon Seymour, Craig James is very experienced in all things Philadelphia Eagles. He’s been a part of this team since 2019 and has 18 in-game appearances with a start under his belt. He’s also been on the field for 317 snaps since joining the team.