Miles Sanders injury history plus updates

Miles Sanders (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Miles Sanders (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

This is one of those times where you have to be careful not to come away from a story like this and feel like you’ve read something that hasn’t been something that someone has said. Miles Sanders has, without question, proven that he’s an amazing tailback, and he’s on a path that will ensure he’s remembered as one of the great Philadelphia Eagles fans have seen. Philly has to ensure that they do their due diligence as well though.

The running back position might be the most punished in all of the NFL. Here’s where we can make a long story a shorter one. More often than not, teams can’t rely on making their best tailbacks into a workhorse. That could lead to a short career, and come on.

Why would the Eagles or any of their fans want to see Miles Sanders’ career shortened or, in the short term, see him hobble off of the field? It’s already happened a few times and it’s enough to put a knot in any Birds fan’s stomach. Here’s a recap if you need one.

Here’s a look at Miles Sanders’ injury history as a professional.

Miles Sanders ankle injury: December 29th, 2019

Miles Sanders suffers an ankle injury in Week 17 of the 2019 seasons that forces him out of action, but Philly beats the rival New York Giants anyway thanks to three touchdowns by Boston Scott. Sanders undergoes an MRI that reveals a low-grade low ankle sprain, but in spite of the inflammation, he’s on the field the following week for the Philadelphia Eagles’ Wild Card matchup versus the Seattle Seahawks.

Miles Sanders hamstring injury: August 19th, 2020

Miles Sanders is the victim of a hamstring injury during the preseason, one that forces him to miss the season opener versus the Washington Football Team.

Miles Sanders knee injury: October 18th, 2020

Miles Sanders sustains a knee injury on October 18th in Week 6. That forces him out of action for Philly’s games versus the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys in Week 7 and Week 8, but he returns to action after a bye in Week 9.

Miles Sanders knee injury: January of 2021

After being a full participant at practice on the Wednesday leading up to the Philadelphia Eagles’ 2021-2021 regular-season finale on Sunday Night versus the Washington Football Team, Sanders sits out of the Thursday practice session and is inactive in Week 17 versus Washington.

Make sure you bookmark this page as it will be updated with any injuries Sanders sustains in the future. If you’re a Birds fan, cross your fingers and hope that there aren’t too many more.

Miles Sanders 2021-2022 regular-season injuries

Miles Sanders suffers an ankle injury in Week 7 of the regular season versus the Las Vegas Raiders. That forces him to miss the next three games from Week 8 to Week 10.

He returned in Week 11, left Week 13’s game versus the New York Jets early after re-aggravating that same ankle. Two weeks later, he left the Eagles Week 16 game versus the New York Giants early after breaking a bone in his hand.