4 Philadelphia Eagles that should be cut before taking a snap in 2021

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. . Matt Pryor, guard/tackle. . player. 54.

Matt Pryor is never going to mature into a starter for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Here’s a trivia question that you can use during your next family function. Can you name something that Matt Pryor and Jordan Mailata have in common? Here’s your answer, Both are offensive linemen that the Philadelphia Eagles selected on the final day of the 2018 NFL Draft.

Here’s what’s bizarre about that. The seventh-rounder, Mailata, a man that never played American Football before 2018, is clearly much better than the guy that was taken 27 spots ahead of him.

The hope was Matt Pryor could begin as a reserve but grow into someone capable of being a starter. The reality is this Matt Pryor, at this point of his career, hasn’t grown past being a reserve option that you only want on the field in an emergency, and even then, though he can look good at times, he’s not someone that you want out there for extended periods of time.

The fact of the matter is this. You can argue about whether or not Sua Opeta and Nate Herbig are better, but while they still have room to grown, we’ve all probably seen all that we need to see from Matt Pryor. He’s probably not going to get any better than he is now.

Sometimes, sixth-round draft choices are sixth-round draft choices for a reason, and Philly has better options now with Jack Driscoll, Brett Toth, and the aforementioned Opeta and Herbig. Again, they, unlike Pryor, haven’t reached their respective ceilings.