Philadelphia Eagles were smart to bring in 2 reliable backup QBs

Joe Flacco (Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)
Joe Flacco (Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) /

Having a backup quarterback is huge for NFL teams and the Philadelphia Eagles set themselves up nicely in that situation. Not only did they bring Joe Flacco in over the offseason but they also recently agreed to a contract with former 49ers quarterback Nick Mullens.

Flacco and Mullens both being on the Eagles’ roster this year will be huge because fans are still unsure of what to expect from Jalen Hurts as he enters his first official year as a starter. He entered last year as the backup to Carson Wentz and well — We all know how that ended up.

Despite the Eagles covering their tracks by signing two established veteran backups in Flacco and Mullens, they were in the lower half of CBS Sport’s list of backup quarterback situations, coming in at No. 23. Cody Benjamin, the author of the article, offered this analysis on Flacco:

"The Super Bowl MVP days are so far gone they feel like they’re from a separate career for Flacco, now 36. He’s immobile and conservative, but the arm is still mostly intact and he’s got literally 175 games of starting experience. You can do worse."

Flacco isn’t the same quarterback he was when he won the Super Bowl with the Ravens but he’s one of the better backup options in the league. Mullens is the better backup option though, as he’s used to being in that role and proved to be one of the better veteran options available in free agency and Philly was lucky to be the team to land him.

The Philadelphia Eagles have dependable backup options behind Jalen Hurts.

Flacco has bounced around quite a bit since his days as a Raven came to an end, spending time with the Broncos in 2019 and the Jets in 2020. The Eagles are his fourth team in as many years but he’s an established backup at this point.

As for Mullens, he was a dependable backup for the 49ers but he has suffered some injuries in recent years. This is the only reason having him as the backup could be worrisome.

Hopefully, the Eagles don’t even have to worry about who their backup signal-caller is. There’s still a lot of unknown with Hurts at the helm but if he balls out this year and stays healthy, Flacco and Mullens shouldn’t see the field much at all and that’s the best-case scenario for Philadelphia.