Philadelphia Eagles have no excuse for not contacting Steven Nelson

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Steven Nelson (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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Philadelphia Eagles
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The Philadelphia Eagles have enough financial resources to add Steven Nelson.

The first question that you asked when this crossed your mind was probably about cost, wasn’t it? That’s a natural reaction and one that’s completely understandable. Here’s a statement that’s as direct as one can be. The Philadelphia Eagles do indeed have the money to make a deal with Steven Nelson happen.

NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Dave Zangaro dropped a nice write-up on what the Eagles have available from a financial standpoint recently, stating that, after the additions of quarterback Nick Mullens and tight end Richard Ridgers, the Birds still hover around $4,975,771 in available cap space.

Now, as you know, if the Birds don’t use any of that money, it will simply roll over to next season, but if the goal is to win right now (as the goal should be every season), this team has what they need to add another difference-maker or, possibly, two.

Most agree that the biggest concern on the roster is that quandary at CB2. Steven Nelson is available. The money is there to add him, so again, that brings us to our original questions:

What the heck is going on? Are we missing something? Is anyone else asking themselves why Steven Nelson isn’t on this team? Oh, and there’s the other thing. Could Nelson be holding out for something more than $4 million. Here’s some of what NFL Adam Caplan said recently on his show:

"It’s about what he is willing to accept at this point. There’s leverage on the club’s standpoint because they know what his value is, and it is nowhere near what he wants. If he gets a deal around $4 million or $5 million, I think in the end, that is what he’ll get. The Eagles are looking to pay $2 million or $3 million from what I understand, so we will see what happens and see if they can reel him in or somebody else before training camp."

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At a minimum, he needs to be contacted. Otherwise, you already know how this ends if you’re a Birds fan. He’ll end up somewhere else for a price tag the Philadelphia Eagles could have afforded, and we’ll all be scratching our heads as to how he was allowed to get away so inexpensively once he starts producing. Just look at DeAndre Hopkins if you need any evidence of that one.