3 Knee-jerk reactions Philadelphia Eagles fans may see if crisis occurs

Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)
Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images) /
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Lane Johnson #65, Philadelphia Eagles
Lane Johnson #65, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images) /

What if the Philadelphia Eagles are ravaged by injury yet again?

At some point, it gets to be difficult to avoid sitting around and asking yourself things like whether or not this Philadelphia Eagles franchise is being paid back for something. Maybe this is some sort of weird karma that stems from the Buddy Ryan days, those bounties on the Dallas Cowboys players (including Troy Aikman), or, dare we say, The Body Bag Game.

Recently the Eagles just can’t stay healthy, and to drive the knife deeper into our collective hearts, once the injuries started for some of the team’s older and veteran talent, it seems like the extensions got longer. No one gets stronger, faster, and less prone to injury as they get older, and for this Eagles squad, it feels like you can hear the air leave the building every time someone is down on the grass and taking longer to get up than fans think they should.

Possible overreactions if the injuries mount: At this point, fans are more surprised if someone isn’t hurt than they are if someone is, but you can best believe every disgruntled star looking for a new home will be tied to the Birds in some trade rumor.

If not, look for fans to attack social media to express their desire to see Howie Roseman sign the best available free agent at the position of need to replace the affected player.

Healthier ways to deal with the issue: At some point, Philly needs to stop throwing band-aids on everything by trying to find free-agent signings and just coach up the guys they have, or how about this? Why don’t we all just throw on our fan hat and do what we all do? We can just blame Howie Roseman for handing out a ton of cash to someone else that’s on the sideline.