3 Knee-jerk reactions Philadelphia Eagles fans may see if crisis occurs

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What if Hurts really isn’t the franchise quarterback the Philadelphia Eagles are seeking?

There are literally nine places that one can begin a conversation about Jalen Hurts from. You can talk about what he did a year ago. You can spend time discussing the limitations of his arm. The debate can take place about whether or not he deserves to, at least, be on a list of the top 40 NFL signal-callers (Chris Simms believes he shouldn’t be).

Regardless of the conversation piece, every discussion about Philly’s QB1 stems from one thought process. He has the 2021 season to prove that he deserves to be Philadelphia’s franchise quarterback going forward. Hey, it’s not like there’s any pressure or anything.

What happens if he struggles though? No one rides the panic train like Philadelphia’s fans, and again, Eagles fans learn to boo before they learn to walk. This could be a coronation or 17-game stretch that leads Birds fans to a coronary.

Possible overreactions if Hurts struggles: Expect to hear fans go crazy on Philadelphia sports radio as they chime in with thoughts about everything from how they believe allowing Carson Wentz to leave was asinine to trying to prove that Wentz’s struggles in 2020 were totally on someone else and had nothing to do with his mental makeup or something he was doing.

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Healthier ways to deal with the issue: NFL quarterbacks struggle from time to time, even the great ones. Remember, people complained about Tom Brady early in 2020, and he wound up hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Remember, when Russell Wison began his career, he was awful.

Allow Hurts to make his mistakes. See if he improves. If not, Philly still has the possibility of having three first-round picks in 2022. Oh, and don’t compare everything that he does to what Carson Wentz is doing. Truth be told, Wentz will probably look better than Hurts early, but in the long run, Hurts will be the better quarterback. You just wait and see.