Ranking every QB Philadelphia Eagles are expected to face in 2021

Tom Brady (12), Patrick Mahomes (15) Mandatory Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports
Tom Brady (12), Patrick Mahomes (15) Mandatory Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Philadelphia Eagles should beat these guys, right?

14. Zach Wilson, NY Jets, Week 13: Sure, some lists disagree, but there’s no way we’re rating a rookie that’s never played a down of NFL football over any quarterback that has. It doesn’t matter how bad the veteran is or how highly touted the rookie is unless of course, we’re talking about the second coming of Aaron Rodgers, which we’re not sure Zach Wilson is.

13. Drew Lock, Denver Broncos, Week 10: This future contestant on Dancing With The Stars tends to look like he’s more interested in his next celebratory dance or what’s playing on the PA system than what’s happening in the game. He does have some ability, but this is one of those quarterbacks that Jalen Hurts should be able to outduel.

12. Sam Darnold, Carolina Panthers, Week 5: This is actually the first time the Philadelphia Eagles will face Sam Darnold in a football game. This one’s on the road in Charlotte, North Carolina, but it’s early in the season, Week 5 to be exact. In other words, a new quarterback in a new situation could mean Philly has an opportunity to take advantage of him.

11. Daniel Jones, New York Giants, Weeks 12 and 16: It’s the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants here. The games are normally hard-fought. They’re normally close, and last year both teams won on their home fields. The Giants are much-improved, and Daniel Jones is a threat with his arm and his legs. Expect the usual emotional roller-coasters when these two teams meet in Week 12 and Week 16.

10. Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders, Week 7: The last time the Eagles met the Raiders was Christmas of 2017. Nick Foles struggled, and Philly had to rely on their defense to help them pull things out.

Fast forward, and the Raiders play in Las Vegas now. Who would have thunk? Expect there to be some unique interest in this one for tons of different reasons.