Philadelphia Eagles news: Recent spin on Nick Sirianni’s chances is concerning

Nick Sirianni (Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports)
Nick Sirianni (Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports) /

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is still a thing. As Philadelphia Eagles fans, you probably got sick of seeing the constant attacks of Nick Sirianni on social media. Okay, let’s be honest, some of us, media included, were a part of the problem. After a while, it got old though. There’s only so much time that can be spent badgering a guy before one begins to feel like it’s getting childish and it’s time to move on to something else.

Coach began to win us over though with his passion and enthusiasm. No, he may not drink decaf, but there’s no way of saying that he won’t be successful. None of us truly know, but there are reasons to doubt. Let’s not act like there aren’t.

A recent spin on the Philadelphia Eagles head coach’s chances isn’t flattering.

It doesn’t take much to find a negative take on the Philadelphia Eagles or why they’re expected to falter in 2021. How familiar is some of this to you?

Philly’s starting quarterback has four career starts to his name. ESPN sees this as the NFL’s 29th-best roster. That’s a sentiment that Pro Football Focus agreed with when they released their own roster ranking. CBS Sports thinks they’re a little better than that. They rank Philly’s roster at 28.

The Birds haven’t been getting the love nationally, and recently, some attention shifted back to the head coach.’s John McMullen recently dropped a nice write-up on the national spin on the Eagles head coach. In it, he references the comments of Pro Football Hall of Fame voter Jason Cole. He also believes Sirianni will fail but not for the reasons that you might expect.

He sees a meddlesome owner (Jeffrey Lurie) and power-hungry general manager (Howie Roseman) as Sirianni’s biggest obstacle to success. Check out this statement as Cole seemingly hits the nail on the head.

"My biggest concern about Sirriani is that he’s a continuation of Doug Pederson in that he’s going to be manipulated by the owner and the GM (Howie Roseman)… I know Doug really well. I mean I covered him when he was a quarterback with the Dolphins. He doesn’t have the persona to go into Howie or Jeff and say ‘hey, you guys gotta back off okay. You guys gotta let me run my part of the organization you go do whatever it is you’re gonna do and I’ll win, OK?’… (My concern) is that (Lurie and Roseman) are going to take control of the situation. They haven’t found the authority figure like an Andy Reid. [A coach]  they could trust to say ‘go run the football operations.’ Sirianni seems to me like a guy who’s gonna get run over by the owner and the GM."

As fans and members of the media, you have to hope that Cole is wrong. Based on what’s been seen to this point, how can one state definitively that he is though? Who would have guessed that Chip Kelly might have been on to something when he stashed Howie in the equipment room many moons ago?

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Keep your fingers crossed if you’re a Birds fan. Hopefully, the chairman and G.M. have learned from past wrongs and are willing to let their head coach be a head coach. It’s doubtful. They did let him choose his own staff. Doug Pederson can’t even say that, but we’ll have to wait and see how things go with the new regime.