3 New Philadelphia Eagles that will play huge roles in 2021’s outcome

Swoop, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images)
Swoop, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images) /
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Can Anthony Harris help change the Philadelphia Eagles’ defensive fortunes?

Brian Dawkins. Malcolm Jenkins, Anthony Harris? Ok, that may be placing some pretty crazy and lofty expectations on the former Minnesota Viking safety, but the truth is this. Over the past twenty years or so, the Philadelphia Eagles defense has been its most successful when they housed a versatile safety like Jenkins and Dawkins.

That’s where Harris comes in this season. Forget that he was signed for one year. This young man has all of the tools that are necessary to be a legit star for the Birds’ defense.

Standing at six-foot-one and tipping the scales at 202 pounds, Harris has the ability to be moved around the backend of the defense. He’s great in coverage. He can be a hammer in the running game, and he knows how to come off the edge and help in blitz packages.

If that sounds familiar, it should. No one’s trying to add any extra pressure here, but Harris really possesses all the tools to be the defense’s Swiss Army knife. That’s something the defense really missed for the duration of the 2020 season.

The expectations for Harris aren’t out of this world, mostly due to his one-year deal, but do not be fooled into thinking that he can’t become a star for this Philadelphia Eagles team.