Philadelphia Eagles: Darius Slay makes his pitch to star cornerback

Darius Slay #24, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Darius Slay #24, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

As fans, especially as Philadelphia Eagles fans, and members of the media, whenever there’s a player or available prospect that we believe can help make our favorite teams better, we make our intentions known every time we can grab our cell phones and log into Twitter.

Sometimes, it gets out of hand. It’s easy to wonder if some of these people have watched guys deteriorate over the past few seasons. Sometimes, you find some pretty good ideas, but our recruitment letters have a little punch added to them when they’re co-signed by some of the best players on our teams.

Think about it. Julio Jones probably isn’t in Tennessee with the Titans if Derrick Henry and A.J. Brown don’t hit the recruiting trail right? Well, it looks like one of Philly’s best and brightest, Darius Slay, is rolling his sleeves up, and ladies and gentlemen, this is one that you might find interesting.

Philadelphia Eagles star Darius Slay is an all-star recruiter.

Every year in Philly, it’s been the same rerun if you’re a Birds fan. We always seem to find ourselves in conversations about the cornerback position.

Every year, regardless of who the Philadelphia Eagles draft or bring on board, the issue is never fully resolved, and we’re right back to debates about what needs to be done to make a weak area on Philly’s roster one of its strengths.

Darius Slay was acquired vis trade in 2020. That helped some, but the new narrative heading into training camp is who should play on the opposite side of the formation. The Birds have options, but Big Play is taking matters into his own hands. Recently, he threw grabbed his cell phone and did his best Dabo Swinney impersonation. Take a look at his recent interaction with free-agent corner Steven Nelson.

Let’s make long stories shorter. Slay is a former First-team All-Pro (2017) and a three-time Pro Bowl nod (2017–2019) that was the NFL’s co-leader in interceptions in 2017, but he needs help. He can’t carry the Philadelphia Eagles’ secondary alone.

Steven Nelson is a former third-round draft choice that’s made a name for himself at the cornerback position. He’s also a free agent. Teaming these two would give the Birds something that they haven’t had since they teamed Lito Shappard and Sheldon Brown on the outside, two legitimate studs working together as a one-two punch at the cornerback position.

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No disrespect is intended to any defensive backs that are currently on the Eagles’ roster but come on. None of those guys are as good as Steven Nelson. This one could be a slam dunk. Big Play Darius Slay has made his intentions clear. Might the Eagles brass agree? We’ll have to wait and see how things turn out.