Former Eagles QB Carson Wentz still playing second fiddle to Nick Foles

Nick Foles (L) and Carson Wentz (R), Philadelphia Eagles (Photo credit should read TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images)
Nick Foles (L) and Carson Wentz (R), Philadelphia Eagles (Photo credit should read TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images) /

There are some things that you just have to take a minute, break from your day, and laugh about. Whether you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan or not, there’s no way that you can’t see the humor in what’s going on at Lincoln Financial Field Way in the beautiful city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

As Carson Wentz’s likeness came down off of The Linc on July’s third Monday, social media saw mini-debates and flat-out arguments about whose image should replace the man that some treat as the greatest Eagles quarterback to never win a playoff game.

Might it be Reggie White? Or, do you consider him a Green Bay Packer? How about one of the most beloved Birds of all time, Brian Dawkins? What about a shot at one of the current legends like Jason Kelce (he’d have to be in the Mummer’s suit). Hey, there’s Fletcher Cox or Brandon Graham. How cool would it be if fans got to walk past one of their images on game days?

Nope, none of those guys were chosen. Instead, when the smoke cleared and the dust settled, Philly plastered another well-known signal-caller across Lincoln Financial field’s new display. Take a look for yourselves:

Okay, again, you can see why this is funny right?

In Eagles lore, Carson Wentz will always play second-fiddle to Nick Foles.

When asked about the choice, a team source stated the following. You can credit Pat Ralph of The Philly Voice for the quote:

"It captured the essence of capturing the first Super Bowl title in team history… The banner is entirely focused on celebrating an iconic moment in the history of the Philadelphia Eagles, and in our view, it is entirely irrelevant who is holding the trophy in the photograph."

That might be true, but it could also be seen this way. Have you ever seen the ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend throw that last unnecessary jab at their former significant other? You know, that last jab that says “I’m moving on and I’m doing just fine without you”. In the City of Brotherly Love, all around the Delaware Valley, and everywhere else Philadelphia Eagles call home, more often than not, Carson Wentz will play second-fiddle to Nick Foles.

It was Foles that won the Super Bowl. It was Foles that, more often than not, most of the guys on offense wanted to play for, and when Nick left town, his former teammates in midnight green crafted a shrine in his locker. They have yet to do that for the other guy.

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To be honest, that Jason Kelce idea is a pretty doggone gone one, but again, he’d have to be in the Mummer outfit. Still, as you lie down tonight and you think about visiting The Linc one day for a football game, remember this.

Much like Carson Wentz had to walk by a statue of Nick Foles every day on his way to work, you can now walk by a mural to his daddy just stop by the mural on the stadium’s eastern side. You can find it adjacent to South Darien Street, but who are we kidding? You shouldn’t have any issues with finding it.