Philadelphia Eagles sign Steven Nelson: Two huge, immediate questions

Steven Nelson Mandatory Credit: Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports
Steven Nelson Mandatory Credit: Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports /
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Philadelphia Eagles
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Does Steven Nelson elevate the Philadelphia Eagles’ roster or is he overrated?

You guys remember Josh Norman right? Check out Greg Ward’s game-winning touchdown grab in Washington (his first) back in 2019 if you need a refresher. That was Norman that Greg Ward beat for six. Norman entered the league as a member of the Carolina Panthers, struggled to beat out guys that weren’t really that good.

He finally got his shot and played his best during what was Carolina’s best season, one where they went 15-1, Cam Newton earned MVP honors, and the Panthers represented the NFC in the Super Bowl. He’s been talking ever since, but here’s the thing. While he’s done so, something has become quite obvious. That 2015 season was a mirage, and some are wondering if Norman was ever really as good as he thinks he is.

Now, Nelson is potentially better than Josh Norman (and he might be better already), but there is some discussion about whether the league believes Nelson is as good as he says he is. If the league values this guy, why did he sit out there on the free-agent market for so long?

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We should know soon enough if any of this has any credence, but here’s what can’t go unnoticed or unmentioned. Regardless of what your stance is about how good he is, if he’s as good as he proclaims to be, or whether or not he’ll solidify Philly’s secondary, one thing goes without saying.

The Philadelphia Eagles are better at cornerback than they were before his arrival. This is, without question, an upgrade.