Top-10 Philadelphia Eagles on Madden 22 based on rating

Fletcher Cox #91, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Fletcher Cox #91, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

2021’s NFL regular season approaches, and the Philadelphia Eagles‘ most recent version of training camp is in full swing. Expectations for the Birds are all over the place, and this is a team that’s been described as a team full of potential cellar dwellers in some circles and as a team that can surprise some people in others.

Expect some surprises, but if there’s anything that we can agree on, it’s this. Philly has some good players on this roster, and there are quite a few of them that have received some high marks on EA’s Madden 22.

Here are the top ten Philadelphia Eagles on Madden 22 based on rating

1. Fletcher Cox (94): When healthy (and when he’s motivated), Fletcher Cox is one of the better players in the NFL. He’s also one of the higher-ranked players on the game.

2. Brandon Brooks (92) Brandon Brooks continues to be one of the better guards in the game when healthy. Let’s just hope he’s more durable on the game than he’s proven to be in real life.

3. Jason Kelce (91) Jason KelceAn Eagles legend through and through, Jason Kelce is one of three Eagles with a ranking of 90 or higher. He’s a member of the 99 Club in our hearts.

4. Darius Slay (88): Had it not been for an off-year by Darius Slay‘s standards, he may have been ranked higher. That’s okay though. We’ll take an 88 ranking as long as he’s given the ‘superstar’ designation.

5. Lane Johnson (88): Expect Lane Johnson to pave a few more lanes on Madden 22 in 2021.

6. Brandon Graham (85): The always smiling Brandon Graham notches an overall rating of 85. Its reasonable, but after a Pro Bowl nod, we’d like to see a higher number.

7. Dallas Goedert (84) Dallas Goedert earns an overall ranking of 84. As you may have noticed, he’s rated higher than Zach Ertz.

8. Anthony Harris (81) Anthony Harris eclipses a mark of 80. He’s going to be fun to watch and play with.

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9. Miles Sanders (81): Miles Sanders, like Anthony Harris, scores an 81. Next year, we crack the 99 Club.

10. Javon Hargrave (80): Javon Hargrave gives the Birds a fearsome starting duo at defensive tackle. He and Fletcher Cox are sure to wreck a few passing games and running games.