Jalen Hurts lands outside top ten in Fantasy QB ranking, ahead of a rookie

Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports) /

If you’re one of those procrastinators that always seem to do things at the last possible moment, don’t worry. You, most certainly, are not alone. Sure, you should have joined a Fantasy football league long before now, but they’re still forming all over the place. Remember you’ll need a quarterback as they tend to go quickly, and if you’re going back and forth with yourself about whether or not you should draft the Philadelphia Eagles young star, Jalen Hurts, here’s some reassurance.

According to Senior CBSSports.com Fantasy football Writer Heath Cummings, Hurts is a wise choice. He recently put a poll up on Twitter asking if fans would rather have Hurts or rookie Trey Lance on their Dynasty roster, and even though Philly’s QB1 got smoked (try a 78.8-percent to 13.2-percent edge in Lance’s favor on for size), Cummings argues, rather successfully, that Hurts might be the better option right now for your Fantasy squad in 2021, especially if you’re in a one-quarterback league.

Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts ranks outside the top ten in Fantasy ranking.

In Heath Cummings’ most recent Dynasty position rankings, Hurts landed just outside of the top ten of players available at his position. He’s ranked 11th, just ahead of Niners signal-caller Trey Lance who was ranked 12th. Here’s how the ten best players stacked:

1. Patrick Mahomes, 2. Lamar Jackson, 3. Kyler Murray, 4. Josh Allen, 5. Dak Prescott, 6. Justin Herbert, 7. Russell Wilson, 8. Trevor Lawrence, 9. Joe Burrow, 10. Justin Fields

Cummings theories for placing Hurts ahead of Lance despite the results of his own poll make a lot of sense. Take a look at some of what he said.

"Now, again, the best argument for Lance being the clear answer is that his team just took him No. 3 overall whereas Hurts’ coaching staff just inherited him as a former second-round pick. And I’m sympathetic to that, it would even be enough to convince me in any league where I could start more than one quarterback. But in a one-quarterback league, Hurts is a consensus starter this year, while Lance is the No. 2 on his own team. While Hurts is far more likely to get replaced in the next year he’s also far more likely to give you a top-five season this year. And in a one-quarterback league, I care about the latter more than the former."

Don’t snooze on Hurts though, especially if he slips into the second round of your Fantasy draft like he, well, slipped into the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

He’s improved as a passer, that is if the preseason and training camp can be used as evidence. We already know that he’s gifted as a scrambler. If you’re looking for a signal-caller and Mahomes and Jackson are long gone, don’t fret. Hurts could be the answer.

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He’ll be aided by a healthier and better offensive line than he stood behind in 2021. He’s surrounded by weapons. The 2021-2022 regular season could be truly special for Jalen Hurts, both in Fantasy football and during the 2021 Philadelphia Eagles campaign.