Philadelphia Eagles waive former training camp favorite Joe Ostman

Joe Ostman #95, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Joe Ostman #95, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

All roster cuts are not created equally. Some feel different than others. Guys like Greg Ward, Boston Scott, and Joe Ostman feel like they’ve been a part of the Philadelphia Eagles family for ten years, even though we all know that it hasn’t nearly been anything close to being that long, so when Ward left and came back, everyone noticed. The same can be said about Scott.

When both of those guys fought their butts off and worked their way onto the active roster, we all felt like each of us had made it. Whenever they were asked to leave, it felt like they’d be back again. Some guys just feel like they’re Eagles through and through, you know?

To tell the truth, cutting Boston Scott or Greg Ward feels wrong at this point. Then, there are guys like Ostman. He’s been around forever and has shown promise even though his career has never really evolved into what he or Birds fans might have hoped it would.

Still, he feels like he’s part of the family, so when news broke that the Eagles were waving him, even though you all probably saw that coming, you still have to feel something. Tell the truth. You didn’t feel like you and this guy have been through a lot together?

Don’t rule out Joe Ostman returning to the Philadelphia Eagles at some point.

If you watch enough television, you’re bound to see some reruns. If you watch the Philadelphia Eagles long enough, you’re bound to see some familiar faces leave the roster, but you know that some might be back again at some point.

A couple of hours after lunch on the East Coast and a few hours before dinnertime, right around 2 pm EST o August 24th to be exact, the Birds announced, via social media, that they were waiving Joe Ostman. Sure, history has taught us that Philly normally reaches out to guys that they’re familiar with if they need a helping hand, but this time, knowing that Joe Ostman has, again, been released seemingly has a finality to it. This time, it felt like we were watching his last opportunity.

Let’s rewind the game film some. The Eagles welcomed the former Central Michigan Chippewa to their nest as an undrafted free agent in May of 2018. He’s shown promise, once even appearing as though he had a huge shot at making the 53-man roster in 2019, but he tore his ACL in an Eagles open practice at Lincoln Financial Field and was added to the team’s injured reserve on August 6th of that year.

He’s seemingly never been as impressive as he was during that camp ever since.

In 2020, Ostman got a taste of some in-game action though after he was released during final roster cuts, re-signed to the practice squad, and elevated to the active roster on November 21st, December 26th, and January 2nd for Philly’s games versus the Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, and Washington Football Team.

Despite being invited back for another training camp in 2021, it felt like he’d have a hard time making this team, and he would. Philly had added Ryan Kerrigan via free agency and Tarron Jackson via the NFL Draft which forced Joe to switch positions from defensive end to linebacker.

The Eagles are seemingly loaded there too though. Injury reared his head again. Ostman faded into the background, and again, this time, things feel different. This time, there’s a finality to his release.

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You never know with this Philadelphia Eagles team though. They’re no stranger to injuries, and again, if someone goes down, you know Howie Roseman will have the numbers of guys who have familiarity with this team on speed dial. For now, however, Ostman’s career is on hold. Maybe someone else will call him, but again, this guy feels like a family member. Seeing him in another jersey is going to take some getting used to.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but for now, everyone