Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts lights up Jets in 2 joint practices

Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports) /

Now, that’s what we’re talking about! This Jalen Hurts guy might wind up being pretty good as the starter for this Philadelphia Eagles team after all. All he needed was his reps.

Training camp for the Birds concluded with two joint practices versus a New York Jets team they’ll see in the final game of Philly’s three-game preseason slate. QB1 appears to have ended things on a high note, completing 13 of 20 pass attempts on Day 1 while tossing two touchdowns. Then, for an encore, he was even better during the Wednesday session.

He completed 13 of 17 passes and tossed five touchdowns in that one.

Try not to think of the Philadelphia Eagles signal-caller’s arm as a weakness.

Though most people tend to think of Jalen Hurts as a guy that completed 52 percent of his passes as a rookie while posting a 1-3 win-loss total in Philly’s final four games, we tend to forget about the fact that he had the Birds in position to win their season finale versus the Washington Football Team and was short-circuited out of that opportunity by the Eagles’ leadership structure.

What if Hurts had proven that he could will his team to victory in an important game? What if Philly had pulled that game out? What if Hurts was the guy that led him to victory?

He would have wound up with a 2-2 record as a starter, and he would have helped his team end a dreary season on a high note. How would we be discussing him had that happened?

Perhaps you’ve noticed, but people have a tendency to overreact to things they’ve just witnessed. Guys that have a good game are often seen as being better than they are in the moment. Guys that have a bad game ‘suck’.

The truth is things aren’t that black and white in the NFL. Some of the great quarterbacks didn’t look great when they started. Just look at someone like Russell Wilson. He got off to a slow start. He eventually got his reps, and he figured things out.

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The same can happen to Jalen Hurts, but he’ll need more than four starts to get his mojo. Give him this season. Let’s see how he does. Let’s reassess then.

In the meantime, sure, it’s practice and he has that red jersey on. Sure, he’s playing the New York Jets, but going 26 for 37 with seven touchdowns versus live competition isn’t bad at all when you think about it. Let’s hope that success transfers into the regular season.