Philadelphia Eagles vs NY Jets: Heavy rain leads to unsafe surface

Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)
Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images) /

A day that began with a tweet from the Philadelphia Eagles official account detailing sunshine and a day ripe for football has totally flipped in the other direction. Philly’s final preseason game, one that we knew the starters wouldn’t play in, might be in jeopardy as heavy rain has seemingly led to an unsafe playing surface.

Birds Twitter was all over it as sights and sounds from a venue Philly visits annually became all the rage. Somewhere, the big wigs over at the Weather Channel are nodding their heads in approval.

Here are some of the highlights as the downpour, no doubt a result of Hurrican Ida’s impending impact on the Gulf Coast region

By the way, Jason Kelce is an entity all to himself. Check him out as he turns MetLife Stadium into his own personal Slip ‘N Slide.

The best thing to do is to cancel the Philadelphia Eagles final preseason game.

The rain officially let up just a tad before the clock struck 12 p.m. on the East Coast. Players, one by one, began checking the field out as water puddles and strange mounds of turf that resembled pitching mounds began to disappear but what would be described as a ‘safe playing surface’ hadn’t returned a half-hour later.

Here’s more of what we’ve been seeing.

If you’ll remember, the NFLPA looked into some issues with MetLife’s playing surface last year.

In all honesty, the smart thing to do at this point is to cancel the game. If starters can understandably be held out of games because of the fear of injury, the same theories about player safety have to be exercised for the likes of the prospects who intended to use this final preseason game as an opportunity to make a name for themselves.

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Can you imagine what would happen if someone tried to plant to make a turn and wound up injuring themselves? What kind of conversations do you think we’d have tomorrow if that happened? Keep it locked here for updates. Once our staff knows something, you will as well.

Update: At about 6:45 p.m. EST, Eagles Insider Dave Spadaro announced that the 7:37 p.m. kickoff has been delayed.

Update: 8 p.m. EST start time announced at about 7 p.m. EST.