Philadelphia Eagles versus Dallas: 10 Cowboys to watch in Week 3

Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) /
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Philadelphia Eagles
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The Philadelphia Eagles meet the Dallas Cowboys in Week 3.

It’s Week 3. The Philadelphia Eagles meet the Dallas Cowboys for the 125th time. The game will be played in primetime on Monday Night Football. If you need something else to get you excited or prove to you that this one is huge, you may want to check your pulse.

Oh, and did we mention that, by the time these two proud franchises lock horns, the stakes will probably be higher than they were when the weekend started? First place in the NFC East and an all-important early divisional win will also be a part of the winner’s purse.

Philly’s had a rough go of it versus their old foes as of late. They’ve lost five of their last seven. They’ve dropped six of the last ten. There isn’t a Birds fan on the planet that wouldn’t love to see their favorite team stick it to Dallas in primetime.

No that isn’t quite right. There’s never a bad time to beat Dallas. If Philly’s only two wins of any NFL season came against the so-called America’s team, the season would be a huge disappointment, but it wouldn’t totally be a lost cause. Here are ten Dallas Cowboys whose name you should put an asterisk beside.