Eagles defense should find billboard material in recent Week 3 prediction

Philadelphia Eagles, Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
Philadelphia Eagles, Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports /

While there are all kinds of unwritten rules about rivalries, trash talk, when said trash talk is appropriate, and, dare we say, rules about taunting, there has to be someone out there who agrees with the following theory. The Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys rivalry is as ingrained in each one of us as inviting family and friends over to eat on Thanksgiving.

These two proud franchises have been at it for a while, so gosh darn it, who cares if they exchange a few unpleasantries every now and again?

No, seriously, this is one of the most violent games on Earth, one that adds intrigue to promotional reels by showing clips of pushing, shoving, and big hits. Does it really matter if guys talk a little trash before kickoff and during games?

Here’s some billboard material for the Eagles defense.

Who cares how the bad blood got to where it is now? Blame Dick Vermeil or Buddy Ryan. Blame that day that the Eagles’ defense beat up Troy Aikman. Heck, blame Randall Cunningham for starting three games in a Cowboys jersey. That’s up to you.

All we know is, if Nick Sirianni wants to wear a ‘Beat Dallas’ T-shirt, that’s the man’s right! Here’s where we draw the line though. In a recent drop by NFL.com  detailing some very bold predictions, here’s what was said by NFL Network’s James Jones:

"Ezekiel Elliott silences the haters with a three-touchdown performance in a Monday night showdown with the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s the third three-score performance of Zeke’s career and (his) first since Week 7 of 2017."

Now, you may not feel the same, but even though Jones never played a down of football for the Cowboys, this, ladies and gentlemen, should be posted in the lockers of every Eagle that plays on defense. Frankly, we’ve had enough.

After listening to both Jerry Jones and Ezekiel Elliott run their mouths about Nick Sirianni’s choice of attire, this is where we draw the line. The Birds, as you’ve probably heard 100 times this week, have lost three straight to the Cowboys in Arlington, and they’re underdogs in this one.

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Frankly, we’re all sick and tired of breaking this game down. We’re tired of the buildup. It’s truly time to play this game. Philly’s defense has let them down in each of those aforementioned losses to Dallas. It’s time to go back their coach up and close the mouths of Zeke, Jerry Jones, and James Jones.

We want all of the smoke as they say. Yes, it’s time to ‘Beat Dallas’.