Philadelphia Eagles O-line downgrades significantly in Seumalo’s absence

Isaac Seumalo, Philadelphia Eagles. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Isaac Seumalo, Philadelphia Eagles. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Nothing went as planned in the Philadelphia Eagles’ embarrassing loss to the Dallas Cowboys. To make matters worse, the Birds must deal with yet another offensive line setback after Isaac Seumalo suffered a season-ending injury on Monday night. Yes, injuries are still a concern along the offensive line.

The fifth-year left guard injured his foot and was carted off in the second half, and backup Nate Herbig filled during his absence.

After the game, it was revealed Seumalo suffered a Lisfranc injury that would require season-ending surgery.

Seumalo, Brandon Brooks, and Jordan Mailata, three starters, are now injured. Brooks should return at some point as should Mailata. This doesn’t bode well for the Eagles, who will face the Kansas City Chiefs next week. It appears that Philly just can’t catch a break.

Things just keep getting worse for this Philadelphia Eagles O-line.

Seumalo’s injury also deals a huge blow to team morale, one that was already at an all-time low in Dallas’ thrashing of Philly on Monday Night Football. The score may not have indicated how bad things were, but any Eagles fan watching the game knew it was over long before the referee blew the whistle.

Seumalo’s injury just makes the loss that much worse.

Veteran center and captain Jason Kelce is one of the toughest players in the league, but even he started to get emotional about Seumalo’s early exit. He and other teammates spoke with reporters following Week 3’s game. Here’s some of what was said:

"[Seumalo] does a lot for our [offensive line] room, our unit, he’s a special player, special person. He’s having a great year and I know he’ll bounce back and be a tremendous player again, but yeah, it was hard to watch him get carted off the field."

With Seumalo out, Herbig figures to continue as his replacement. Herbig showed promise and solid blocking skills in Monday’s game, but he’s only 23. He’s also formerly an undrafted free agent.

Heading into this stretch of the season, the Eagles’ O-line will likely look like this: Dillard (LT), Herbig (LG), Kelce (C), Dickerson (RG), and Johnson (RT).

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Dillard played a surprisingly good game versus Dallas, but Dickerson’s mistake-laden performance along with the drop-off this team will experience moving from Seumalo to Herbig doesn’t inspire confidence in Philadelphia’s offense, especially when the next opponent is a legitimate Super Bowl contender. Every single player has to improve in Week 4 for the Eagles to have a chance at beating the Chiefs, the O-line included.