Philadelphia Eagles schedule: Everything good, bad, and ugly after Week 4

Anthony Harris, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)
Anthony Harris, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images) /
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The Philadelphia Eagles head coach still struggled against the Chiefs

Bad: Nick Sirianni, Head Coach

So, let’s start by saying head coach Nick Sirianni called and presented a much better offensive in Week 4. A lot of solid play calls to get his quarterback and receivers a chance to succeed, and it was much more put together and adjusted versus the last two games.

However, the fact that he still only called ten running plays for his runningbacks is still inexcusable. Philly had multiple opportunities to have one of your best offensive weapons run it in, especially at the goal line. Also, asking your offensive line, who is missing four starters, to block for 48 passing plays is just not realistic. In the end, the offensive line started to give way, and that belongs to the coach.

Penalties on this team his still highly alarming. Not one, not two, but three touchdowns were negated because of penalties. That’s 21 points off the scoreboard, and yes, some of the calls were not the greatest, but you can’t expect that the officials will not call those and those issues need to be addressed.  The last big issue with Sirianni was his aggressive play-calling or lack thereof. Playing teams like the Chiefs, field goals are just not going to cut it.

Time management also became an issue in Week 4. It seemed like Sirianni took a few pages out of the opposing team’s head coach playbook and did not use his timeouts correctly.

The Eagles’ last series before the half is a series that Philly fans should reference on what we are talking about regarding time management skills. If the young coach called a timeout, he would’ve not have had to rush that play that ended in disaster.