Philadelphia Eagles that need to shine versus Buccaneers in Week 6

Darius Slay, Philadelphia Eagles. (Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images)
Darius Slay, Philadelphia Eagles. (Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images) /
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The Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator has to be on his game in Week 6

10. Jonathan Gannon, Defensive Coordinator.

There’s a lot of concern expressed about how effective (or ineffective) the Eagles’ new defensive coordinator has been. Jonathan Gannon has been unable to slow down the better offenses that the Birds have faced. Less talented offenses have been limited, but once faced with more stout offenses, he and the Birds’ defense seems to shrink.

Obviously, Gannon has his work cut out for him versus Tampa, but we all saw Philly make defensive adjustments versus the Panthers and how well that worked. Playing soft shell zone coverage and rotating their linemen isn’t going to cut it in this game.

The Eagles’ defense will have to put absolute pressure on the Buccaneers and disguise as many looks as possible to help keep Tom Brady and company from driving downfield. Of course, on a short week, that’s easier said than done. Still, we are now six weeks into the regular season, and some scheme changes have to be made on both sides of the ball in order to even be competitive in this matchup.

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The Eagles’ coaches have a tough game ahead of them. Does Tampa Bay have weaknesses? Sure they do. It is up to Sirianni, Gannon, and this team to find them and exploit them. Another blow-out loss at home will not sit well with fans, no matter which team the Eagles face.