Donovan McNabb drags Howie Roseman in recent interview

Donovan McNabb #5, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Donovan McNabb #5, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

At the rate we’re going, most of us have probably figured out how this reality show ends. The Philadelphia Eagles will continue to struggle. Nothing will be done about it until frustration reaches a fever pitch, and changes will need to be made again. Sometimes, there’s a need for a reset, a fresh start, and if there’s anyone who can attest to that fact, it’s Donovan McNabb.

Once we saw him play that ‘air guitar’ before the Eagles game versus the Cowboys, a game Philadelphia got blown out in, we pretty much knew we had seen the last of McNabb in an Eagles jersey.

Eagles vice president and general manager Howie Roseman joined the Eagles in 2000, prior to Donovan McNabb’s second season. He became the team’s general manager in 2010, the same year Philadelphia traded Donovan McNabb to Washington. One might say that these two know each other very well, and that makes any take the former Eagles quarterback shares on Howie even more interesting.

Recently, on 94 WIP-FM’s Afternoon Show with Jon Marks and Ike Reese, the man known as ‘5’ in Philadelphia shared a few theories.

Donovan McNabb hits the bullseye in a recent take on Howie Roseman.

As you might imagine, the state of the Eagles was the topic during Donovan McNabb’s interview on the day following a heartbreaking loss to the Los Angeles Chargers. Howie’s snafus and the results of his most recent rebuild were on full display in that one.

Philadelphia’s former QB1 nailed it when asked his theory on what the best course of action should be.

"Has anything changed in the last five years? We can talk all day about Nick Sirianni and Jalen Hurts because it’s the easiest ones to try to jump on, but we got to start in the (front) offices and work our way down… Our linebackers are pretty bad, our secondary probably, in the division, might be third-out-of-four, and our defensive scheme right now is probably trying to protect everybody, so it becomes 7-on-7 for opposing quarterbacks."

Nothing can happen in terms of moving on from Roseman, however, until Eagles Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie pulls the trigger. On that topic, McNabb had this to say.

"Overall right now, this is going to be a decision that is strictly based on Jeffrey (Lurie), not Howie because Jeffrey has to make a decision about what is going to go on with Howie going forward."

He may have only completed 59 percent of his passes as the Eagles starting quarterback, but he hits the bullseye here.

If you didn’t know anything about this team and just looked at the stats, an argument can be made for naming McNabb as one of the greatest quarterbacks in franchise history if not the best. In 164 games as the Eagles’ starter, he made 158 starts (that includes 16 playoff games).

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In the process, he put up numbers that could fuel the argument that he’ll someday have a bust carved and placed in Canton, Ohio. The result of those 158 starts was a 92-49-1 record (like Carson Wentz, he battled the Cincinnati Bengals to a tie once). He led Philly to five NFC Championship Games and a Super Bowl appearance.

Sometimes, change is imminent and necessary. No one knows that better than ‘5’. Hopefully, Jeffrey Lurie sees that soon. Nothing figures to get better until he does.