2 arguments that support the Eagles drafting Kyle Hamilton in Round 1

Kyle Hamilton #14, Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Kyle Hamilton #14, Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /
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Philadelphia Eagles
Kyle Hamilton (No. 14) Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports image pool /

The Philadelphia Eagles may have a franchise player sitting under their noses.

Kyle Hamilton might be the type of franchise player the Eagles have been looking for, and come April, there’s a great chance that he’ll be sitting right under their noses. All they have to do is take a whiff.

You can best believe when the next offseason rolls around, the statements made about this roster will follow the same script that they always seem to follow. It doesn’t matter who they draft. It doesn’t matter who they sign. The Eagles always seem to be in need of wide receivers, cornerbacks, linebackers, and some guys to provide depth to the offensive line and along the edges of the defensive line.

The construction of this roster has been a major issue since 2018 or so it seems. Maybe it dates back further than that, but at least, when we walked into the NFL season a little over three years ago, we were making statements like “this team may be better than the one that won the Super Bowl”.

No one is saying that now, but adding Hamilton and a few other pieces on defense could shift the balance of power back in the Eagles’ direction some.