4 things Eagles must improve on to become playoff contenders again

Jalen Hurts #1 Nick Sirianni (R) Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Jalen Hurts #1 Nick Sirianni (R) Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /
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Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles
Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports) /

Could we be talking about the Eagles as a potential playoff team?

Talk about the NFL with anyone long enough, and you’re bound to hear the word parity. One of the things that we all love the most about our great nation’s most popular game is the fact that any team can lose at any time. No one knows that better than Philadelphia Eagles fans.

In each of their four wins, the Birds have been the underdog. Heading into a Week 11 game versus the New Orleans Saints, Las Vegas sees Philly as the favorites. Hopefully, this won’t be one of those weeks where the team that’s supposed to win loses, but here’s something else to consider. Every one of Philadelphia’s final seven games has to be seen as being winnable.

Once Week 11’s game wraps, the Birds have six remaining (and a bye week), and though, as we mentioned earlier, nothing can be taken for granted, you have to like the Eagles’ chances from Week 12 to Week 18. Believe it or not, this team could make the playoffs, but the question then becomes, if they do, what happens when they get there?

Is this a one-and-done team, or could they win a game? You never know, but here’s what we can say with confidence. They’ll need to improve in several areas to make the postseason and be consistent contenders once they get there. Here are four that we all can agree on.