3 Philadelphia Eagles veterans earn a much-needed break

Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

The NFL’s grind is a marathon, not a sprint. That’s especially the case these days as the regular season has evolved into an 18-week, 17-game test of wills. For the Philadelphia Eagles, their wills could have been broken early as an opening-day throttling of the Atlanta Falcons led to six losses over the course of their next eight games.

Something happened in Week 9 though. As much as we hate the term, Philly earned a ‘moral victory’ as they were fiercely competitive in their last home game versus the Los Angeles Chargers. They’d eventually fall in that one, but fans were treated to something that they hadn’t seen in any of the other losses the Birds had suffered, energy.

That same energy carried over into Week 10 as the Eagles did to the Denver Broncos what’s normally done to them. They dominated from start to finish, and head coach Nick Sirianni saw fit to give his guys the day off on Tuesday. We heard from some of the Eagles’ players on Wednesday, but when it was time to take the practice field, Coach made an executive decision.

Three Philadelphia Eagles sit out of practice on Wednesday on rest days.

Two of the Philadelphia Eagles’ veteran stars (Fletcher Cox and Dallas Goedert) and second-year veteran Davion Taylor all sat out of practice on rest days. As you know, Davion Taylor has been dealing with a bit of a knee issue while Goedert has been dealing with the effects of a concussion that he suffered during the first half of Week 10’s game.

Fingers are crossed. The hope is that Dallas plays on Sunday, but you never want to rush things with a head injury. What’s most important is he heals and gets back on the field when he’s one-hundred percent healthy.

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As for everyone else, five Birds were limited for Wednesday’s session (Shaun Bradley, Javon Hargrave, Lane Johnson, Jason Kelce, and Rodney McLeod). Two more, DeVonta Smith (elbow) and Jordan Howard (ankle), were full participants.

The Philadelphia Eagles’ Week 11 home date with the New Orleans Saints is days away, and this is the healthiest that they’ve been this late in the season in quite some time Kudos to the medical staff. Let’s hope this continues for the remainder of the season.