5 oldest NFL players to ever wear a Philadelphia Eagles uniform

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Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images)

Who are the oldest players to ever wear an Eagles jersey?

One of the many things that keep us fixated on the Philadelphia Eagles year in and year out is the NFL’s obsession with parity. It doesn’t matter how bad things were the year before or how bleak they look heading into the offseason, drafting the right prospect or acquiring the free agent your team desperately needed to add (or both) can put you right back in the driver’s seat in your division.

We’ve seen that over time with the Eagles, but regardless of what happens in terms of turnover, one thing holds true. The most successful teams find ways to balance a collection of grizzled veterans with exuberant young guys. Failure to do so could lead to the frustration of knowing your roster is loaded with guys who are way past their primes and unfortunately making too much money.

Philly has seen that too, but fortunately, throughout their history, they’ve also been able to field some guys who were senior citizens by NFL standards but still relatively productive for the team. This is their story. Here are the five oldest players to ever wear an Eagles jersey.

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