NFL Insider believes Philadelphia Eagles could still trade for veteran QB

Jalen Hurts #1, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
Jalen Hurts #1, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images) /

When NFL Insider Albert Breer released Friday’s version of his Week 12 mailbag, the Philadelphia Eagles hadn’t even gotten on a bus to travel to East Rutherford, New Jersey yet. The general consensus was still that they would walk into MetLife Stadium, battle the New York Giants for four quarters, and leave with a victory.

No one knew that Jalen Hurts would throw three interceptions, that the ‘Giant Killer’, Boston Scott would fumble on an all-important potential go-ahead drive, or that New York would be held to 13 points and win anyway. All we knew was what Breer wrote in his column and that a win would strengthen the Eagles’ case for a postseason berth.

Everyone in the Delaware Valley and NFL fans all over the country all knows how Week 12 turned out. Philadelphia stunk up MetLife Stadium and have now posted seven losses in their first 12 games, so how is it that something Breer wrote and released on Friday is an even more valid talking point today?

Buckle up. We have much to discuss.

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Breer says the Philadelphia Eagles could ‘absolutely’ trade for a veteran quarterback.

Coming out of Week 12’s loss, the overwhelming sentiments are as follows: Jalen Hurts was awful and Jalen Reagor should be released immediately.

At this point, Reagor has looked like the second coming of Nelson Agholor, a man that he was supposed to replace. The decision to draft him over Justin Jefferson was one that was made in error, but in the case of Hurts, he’s no closer to being removed from underneath the microscope than he was at the beginning of the season.

Every throw is critiqued. Every decision is second-guessed. As encouraging as his performances versus the Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos are, he’s equally as frustrating in his showings versus the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants.

It’s for that reason that something Breer stated on Friday might be even more of a valid statement three days later:

"So, do I think (any of the Eagles’ recent extensions) foreshadow anything at quarterback? Probably not… Could they trade for one? Absolutely. Owner Jeffrey Lurie is sufficiently consumed with getting the quarterback position righted post-Carson Wentz, and I think Roseman and his crew would at least investigate the idea of Deshaun Watson or Russell Wilson in the offseason, anyway."

The season-long evaluation of Jalen Hurts continues, as it should. The Philadelphia Eagles are handling him as they should, outside of the way they’re calling plays for him at times of course.

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His detractors will be there regardless of how he performs, but who are we kidding? Completing 14 of 31 passes, throwing three interceptions, and tallying a quarterback rating of 17.5 only gives those that would rather criticize him some ammunition.

Perhaps Breer sums all of this up best: “It’s not a bad place to be, with one quarterback you like, and the continued flexibility to get another one if the right opportunity presents itself”. Keep an eye on this one. We’re a long way from handing Hurts the keys to the franchise, even now.