Howie Roseman silences doubt about Jalen Hurts status with the Eagles

Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports)
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports) /

On the Tuesday following the Philadephia Eagles‘ collapse in Raymond James Stadium versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, their head coach, Nick Sirianni, and their vice president/general manager, Howie Roseman, met with members of the media in their season-ending press conference. As you might imagine, their quarterback, Jalen Hurts, saw his name enter the discussion.

We hadn’t gotten 60 seconds into what became a 36-minute talk with Howie and Nick before QB1 became the centerpiece of the discussion. Howie expressed his satisfaction with Jalen, indicating that he had “taken the bull by the horns” before, a few moments later, answering the question about whether he was Philadelphia’s quarterback heading into 2022 with a ‘yes’.

Here’s some of what was said:

On the subject of whether or not any of this has been communicated to Hurts, Sirianni was equally matter of fact with his words… “He knows he’s our quarterback”.

So, again, why are we asking if Jalen Hurts is the Eagles quarterback or not?

We entered the 2021-2022 campaign knowing that this would be a season-long audition for Hurts, yet here we are. The argument can be made that we’re still asking many of the same questions that we entered the regular season pondering. Has Jalen Hurts won the job or not?

Judging by what we’ve heard here, it appears the answer is clear but is anyone else feeling as though we aren’t certain? We heard words that were equally as unflinching about Carson Wentz. You remember Howie’s soliloquy about fingers and whatnot. We won’t revisit here.

We also remember a press conference in which Doug Pederson was present. We were all certain that Doug had survived and would remain on as Philadelphia’s head coach. Days later, he was gone, and a coaching search began.

The Eagles seemingly didn’t get any of the guys that they wanted, but they got the guy this team needed. Nick Sirianni was the only rookie head coach to lead his team to the postseason. All that’s been said to say this.

We’ll believe Jalen Hurts is this team’s quarterback when the games count towards the win-loss total next season and Number 1 is the guy out there under center (or in Philly’s case, in the shotgun).

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We’ve debated the highs and lows of the Eagles’ QB1 all season. Every read was questioned. Each incompletion was diagnosed. Every misread or overthrow (and overthrow) was overanalyzed. Such is the life of an NFL quarterback, especially one playing for a fan base and media market that’s as demanding as the one in the City of Brotherly Love.

Year 2 for Jalen Hurts is complete. Year two is already underway. Keep an eye on this one as we believe this is a story that’s still developing even if we’re being told it isn’t.